Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wrapping Up!

Good afternoon!

Today was pretty draining! We woke up early to do laundry (and I have been exhausted lately so that was no fun) and then off to transfer meeting. After the city transfer meeting we went up to the upstate transfer meeting. It is tradition to sing "Each Life That Touches Ours" with the "dying" missionaries up front so that was interesting being up there standing. I am drained after all of that, but I did love seeing all the other missionaries. It hasn't hit me yet that I won't be seeing a group of the other missionaries like that again as a part of it. I guess that is because of the two week difference, but that two weeks is going to fly! There are a lot of things to do, so I will just be busy busy! And I have felt that great things will happen in this time so I am determined to make the most of it! Should be good!

I am sticking around in the same area. We have another companion, Elder Linton. He is awesome and I had a great experience being in a trio in Newburgh so it is just going to be a party! We have a lot of good going on. Let me tell you some highlights from this past week...

Thursday we went over to Rafael's house! It was his birthday on the 15th so we went over to Hermana Nuñez's house and she made "la bandera"- chicken, rice, beans. It was good and good to be back over there visiting them. He is doing well,enduring to the end!

Sunday I got to bear my testimony in French at a members house. They are from Togo where they speak French and I was able to bear it decently well. Elder Kia took a short video so maybe I will try to send that to you. I feel good with what progress I have made with French. God certainly has blessed me.

Monday was sweet- one of the most uplifting days of the mission. First off, went to district meeting and it turned into my funeral! A missionary funeral is something that is sometimes done for missionaries going home- they say nice words and kind of treat it like a funeral, it's funny! I had no idea they were planning on it- they wanted to do it before the transfer so that all being transferred could be there. It was uplifting seeing what sort of influence I had on my fellow district members. Afterward district meeting and stuff, I had a good chat with Elder Ross. He came into the mission when I came here to this area. We have been good buddies and I have just tried to give him all I could, share with him my experiences and thoughts and he gladly took them. I just felt moved on by the spirit to talk about some very specific things and it was a good moving conversation. I just loved being used as an instrument in God's hands. And a Elder Ross and I will be tight for life! I am already planning on going to his home coming talk in green river Wyoming in March 2016. Later we had a couple of good lessons then went to the Merkley's house. He is our bishop and it is just him and his wife. They are younger, about 30 years old and they are solid. You can definitely feel the spirit in their home, and they are great examples of how we should live our lives. They talked about how they met and their story which was really good to hear as I prepare to come home. He suggested to me to not make any big decisions within three months of coming home. Seems like everything is pointing to just easing into things, taking them as they come. I will just pray, read my scriptures and go to church and life will be dandy!

Everything else has been good. I am just full of gratitude. There is still work left to do, so I look forward to that. Just pray for me that I will have he energy to keep chugging because I am tired. But I am just going to crank it out until the end of the marathon! ETTE!

Thanks for the support and have a great week! Love you!

-Elder Griffiths

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